Business Plans

Frequently with planning applications the Local Planning Authority may require that a Business Plan accompanies the Application as supporting information to ensure that the project is viable and that the scheme can be delivered as envisaged.

Lambe Planning and Design are frequently asked to prepare such Plans. The purpose of the document is to provide summary details of the project and assess the financial implications, funding needs and viability of the project, the detail estimated construction costs and capital generation. Many clients also utilise such Business Plans for banking purposes or should they wish to sell a site which has the benefit of planning consent to demonstrate to potential purchasers the viability and potential income streams.

Construction costs and income streams vary by region, and these need to be reflected in the preparation of such documents.

The figures are based upon our experience within the industry (over 30 years) and reflect likely costs and achievable income for a scheme in its particular location and setting, whether this is Holiday Home, Seasonal Touring or Camping.