Flood Risk Assessments and schemes within Flood Zones

Due to climate change, and the significant increase in flooding experienced over the last decade, increasingly many holiday parks are now located within Flood Zones. Historically many parks were located in attractive waterside locations – either riverside, coastal and lakeside and due to the Flood Maps being constantly revised, many of these Parks now find that they are located within a Flood Zone.

Lambe Planning and Design has successfully negotiated and obtained several planning consents for parks which have even been located within the most restrictive Flood Zone 3. The essence of these schemes being to ensure that the development can take place, in complete safety and without impact on flood plains. With schemes of this nature we have the essential skills to establish a clear understanding of what is required. In projects of this nature the scheme has to be site specific and tailored to the individual proposal - this may involve mitigation measures.

The early anticipation of the requirement for a Flood Risk Assessment / Flood Consequence Assessment and confirmation of this requirement with the Environment Agency prior to the design, preparation and submission of a planning application has saved many of our clients considerable time and expense in the planning process. Where a Flood Risk Assessment is required we provide this service via specialist consultants.

Our extensive experience of projects located within highly restrictive Flood Zones throughout the UK, has highlighted the importance of the early and continued communication with the Environment Agency, Local Planning Authorities, and clients throughout the course of a project thus working towards a quick and positive outcome.