Initial communication and understanding of what a client specifically wants and wishes to achieve has an important part to play in the preparation of schemes, supporting development projects and the marketing of existing caravan, lodge and chalet holiday parks.

Lambe Planning and Design produce initial designs and prepare detailed drawings and specifications to support planning applications. We can also provide photo montage images to show how a proposed development will look in reality, and illustrate how an existing site may appear once developed. We also specialise in architectural perspective illustrations to bring the project to life for presentations, exhibitions and displays.

Good graphic design is essential in presenting schemes and materials effectively and bringing the content to life. Thoughtful design is integral to gaining planning consent for developments and is also crucial to meeting the expectations of visitors in the competitive leisure sector.

Whether your development is a new scheme on a greenfield site or involves expanding or upgrading an existing park, we can help. Our work is informed by years of experience of working with planning authorities, our knowledge of the elements that make up a successful holiday park and our sensitive approach to the impact of developments on the immediate and wider landscape, particularly in sensitive locations such as National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Heritage Coasts and Coastal Preservation Zones.

All our plans are prepared in-house and are prepared very carefully, with the emphasis on design and presentation. We also provide graphic design support to assist clients in marketing their businesses with the design of signage, logos and promotional literature etc.

We understand the requirements of modern Caravan, Lodge and Chalet Parks and what 21st Century Holiday Makers require, this is invaluable in creating designs that are stylish, attractive, well landscaped and operationally achievable.